Milestones 1-3yrs

Fine Motor Skills

Scribbles on paper by grasping a pencil or crayon, picks up grasps and throws a ball, stacks blocks together, puts large puzzle pieces into slots on a puzzle, holds objects and bang them together, grasps and uses spoon or fork to feed self with support, grasps and uses a cup or bottle for drinking, turns pages of a child’s book, uses basic scissors for cutting, kicks a ball, attempts to dress him/herself, snaps-buttons or zips with help.

Gross Motor Skills

Walks alone without support, crawls upstairs with support, throws a ball overhand, rolls a ball back to a person, runs fairly well, jumps in place, goes up and down a slide with support, sits on or peddles a tricycle with support, jumps over small objects, walks upstairs while holding on to something.

Intellectual Development

Speaks in short sentences, tells simple stories, uses words as tools of thought.

Emotional Development

Self-centered, just beginning a sense of personal identity, possessive, resists change, sense of humor (plays tricks).

Social Development

Solitary play, dependent on adult guidance, refers to self by name, very immature, little concept of other people.


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